Sitting Pretty Pet Care - With All Creatures Great and Small

Pets Big, Small or Itty Bitty Makes No Difference with Sitting Pretty!

Are you wondering if having a Pet Sitter is for you?
Ask yourself a couple questions:
  • Would you like to go away for a weekend or a day but don't because of your pets?

  • Do you perhaps impose on family, friends or neighbors to watch your pets while you are away?

  • Is a physical disability or illness preventing you from exercising your pet as often or vigorous as it needs?

  • Do you have a senior dog (or a puppy) that would be happier if they had a quick potty break midday?

  • Do you ever work late and need an emergency 
    visit to feed your furry, feathered, scaly, walking, crawling, swimming, hopping, licking and snuggling family members or let them out?
  • Do you have an overweight dog that would benefit by a few vigorous walks a week to get healthier?

  • When you are away for a week or longer are you concerned that your pet would be happier, less stressed if it were at home?

  • If you answered yes to any of these question's we can be of service to you! 
  • Contact us @ 1-404-840-0266

All Sitters Background Checked through Sterling Services
Pet Tech First AID and CPR trained
Member of Pet Sitters International
Insured through Business Insurers Of The Carolina's

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