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My friend Karen is a TV Star
The Myth of the Alpha Dog Part 1
You know you are a die hard pet sitter when~~~~
Heavenly Rain and Fog
Wander Lust


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My friend Karen is a TV Star

Hey there!! Last week, while walking a client’s 3 dogs, my beloved friend & back up sitter Karen ran into an old friend, Harry Samler of our local CBS news station. Here in Atlanta Harry is more commonly known these days as “Pothole Harry.”
Following their conversation, he asked Karen to be in the story he was filming. Thought you might enjoy seeing it. Its totally cute!
Click the link to see her on TV!!!

The Myth of the Alpha Dog Part 1

I am a huge fan of Dr. Becker
So I am sharing a great article ByDr. Becker
Most behavior problems in dogs involve either normal canine behaviors owners don’t like or understand, or undesirable behaviors rooted in anxiety.
In order to improve any type of dog behavior issue, the steps must always include:
  • Learning what ‘normal’ means in the canine world
  • Identifying and minimizing risks associated with the behavior
  • Effectively communicating with the dog
  • Learning to read the dog’s signals
  • Meeting the dog’s needs

You know you are a die hard pet sitter when~~~~

I always seem to find humor in life especially around the pets I care for. So I will dare to share some of my humor with you.
OK here goes, You know you are a die hard Pet Sitter when you find yourself saying as you walk by someone else walking their own pet.....good puppy go potty!
You know you are a very busy Pet Sitter when after walking 4 dogs at one time, you realize you just dropped one off at the wrong home! (Kidding (sort of) I almost did that!
You know you are a die hard Pet Sitter when picking up pooh from the yard and you find yourself seeing how many piles you can actually fit in one bag!

Heavenly Rain and Fog

It is a densely foggy day with about a 70% chance of rain. No I have not turned into a weather forecaster, this kind of weather prompts me to recall of when I was a little girl living in Garmisch Germany were part of the Bavarian Alps are located on the border of Germany and Austria.
My parents & I were going on a day trip early just as dawn was making its entrance. That very foggy morning was to be my first recollection of falling head over heals in adoration and amazement of an animal. I met an incredibly large, gentle beast of a Draft Horse.

Wander Lust

 The scenery changes constantly as we "Pet Sitters" are in so many different homes, Condominiums, Apartments, parks & neighborhoods going place to place. Which satisfies the wanderer in me. Maybe being raised in a military family living around the world and in our beautiful country created the wandering spirit I have along with the true appreciation of what its like to stand still in one town for a good while. 15 years here fifteen years there is a big slow down on my home base moving.

When you can't be there.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry of Pet Sitting.
We care for all your furry, feathered, scaly, walking, crawling, swimming, hopping, licking and snuggling family members. Whether you're busy working or traveling, we can provide  Daycare, walks, overnight care - you name it.
Pets give unconditional love and companionship – that is their gift to you.
When you can’t be there, you can repay them by allowing them to remain at home in their own comfortable and familiar surroundings, entrusting them to an experienced and truly caring pet sitter – someone whose first and foremost concern is your pets’ comfort, safety and happiness.

Run for your Life! The Sitting Pretty Gang is coming!

Super Cooper (Black Labradoodle) has been initiated into part of the infamous "Sitting Pretty Gang". Be frightened oh yeah scared big time!!! As they run through park meadows no animal is spared from being chased & corralled, chewed on & barked at! No Tennis ball is safe! Parents may want to hide their children from being puppy kissed and drooled upon. 

Bwaaa Haa Ha!

Bbwwaaa Haa Ha!  Yes it is getting close to the spooky time isn't it?! I really do love it when kids & adults show up at my door to Trick or Treat us.  How do your pets handle the excitement?  Well? Or not so well?  Do you make any special arrangements for them if it stresses them out? I would love to hear from you about this topic. And Happy Halloween! Mmwwaa Ha Ha!

As They Snore Away

As they snore away (husband & two dogs) I sit in the dark lighted only by my computer monitor pondering away. At just about 11:00 PM my last pet visit was earlier @ 10:00 PM. I am grateful that wePet Sittershave the foresight to keep our clients close by usually within a 5 mile radius so that the late night visits are not too far from home. 
My good friend and back up partner for some of each others clients "Karen Levy" of Laughing Pets Atlanta shakes her head when today I get lost finding a place only about a mile away from my home!

Happy to see me!

It seriously warms my heart to the core to see the happy faces on my clients when I walk up their sidewalk to give them that morning, mid day, afternoon, evening potty break, play time, feeding time visit. Sometimes I may need to take them to the groomers or a vet but mostly to relieve their human parent from the daily responsibility of their care while at work or on vacation.
Yours in Creating a Better Life,
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